Saturday, October 15, 2011


      In Men's Division action, #65. Marco Corleone defeated unranked Sydistico by disqualification. Corleone picked up 1 point, while Sydistico entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 1 point. #50. Magno defeated #43. R.J. Brewer in a "hair vs. mask" match.. "MASKED WARRIORS" airs on a MAJOR tape delay, so while Brewer is currently the LLUSA Champion, at the time this match took place he was ranked 43rd. Magno earned 14 points, plus 54 bonus points to temporarily give him more points than Brewer. Magno will keep these bonus points until he loses [other than by dq.] or goes inactive for 1 calendar month. Brewer lost 18 points [and his hair!].
     In Men's Tag Team division action, #21. El Oriental and Tinieblas, Jr. defeated the P.R. Powers, who were coming off the Inactive List ranked 27th. The Rudos picked up 17 points, the Technicos dropped 13 points.

Friday, October 14, 2011


     In Men's Division action, #2 ranked Randy Orton won the 41 Man Battle Royal. He earned 71 points [30 points for the highest ranked competitor in the match, #1 Cody Rhodes, plus 41 for the number of competitors in the match.] This raised his record to 97-53-30 and moved him past Cody Rhodes as the new #1 ranked contender on the NAWR. The other 40 wrestlers in the  Battle Royal received a "No-Decision" on their record. In other men's matches, #53. Sin Cara 2 defeated #48. Justin Gabriel. Cara earned 13 points, Gabriel lost 19. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated #8. Sheamus, Del Rio earned 23 points, Sheamus lost 1 point for losing to the champion and also lost his 243 bonus points for a total loss of 244 points. Randy Orton defeated World Champion Mark Henry by dq. Henry lost 1 point, Orton gained 1 point for a total of 72 points on the night.
     In Women's Division action, Divas Champion Beth Phoenix defeated #3. Kelly Kelly. Beth picked up 28 points while Kelly lost 1 point.
     In Tag Team Division action, unranked Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder defeated #3. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Kofi and Zack picked up 28 points, while Dolph & Jack lost 30 points for losing to an unranked team and they also lost their 229 bonus points.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


     On Ring of Honor, ROH World Champion Davey Richards defeated unranked Roderick Strong. Richards picked up 2 points for the victory and improved his record to 2-0-0, Strong received minus 1 point and entered the Rankings with a 0-1-0 record. Unranked Tommasso Ciampo defeated unranked Andy Ridge, Ciampo earned 2 points for the victory and entered the Rankings with a 1-0-0 record while Ridge  received minus 30 points and entered the Rankings with a 0-1-0 record.
     On IMPACT, in Men's Division matches, #51. Matt Morgan defeated #12. Samoa Joe. Joe lost 19 points and dropped to 50-35-19 with 634 points. Morgan earned 20 points and raised his record to 34-22-12. Morgan also received 572 bonus points to [at least temporarily] raise his point total above Joe's. #31. Mr. Anderson defeated  #55. Scott Steiner. Anderson earned 12 points and improved his record to 48-38-21 with 221 points. Steiner lost 15 points and dropped to 18-13-7 with 19 points.
     In Tag Team Division matches, #28. A.J. Styles & RVD defeated unranked Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn. A.J. & RVD earned 2 points and improved their record to 1-0-1. Daniels & Lynn received minus 14 points and entered the Tag Team Rankings with a 0-1-0 record. #13.Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen defeated #34. Austin Aries & Kid Kash. Kendrick & Sorensen  earned 16 points and raised their record to 2-0-0 with 18 points, Aries & Kash lost 11 points and dropped to 0-2-0 with minus 41points.
     In a handicap match, #15. Bobby Roode defeated unranked Gunner & Jeff Jarrett. Handicap matches are a little different than regular matches: Roode gets 4 points [double the 2 an unranked opponent woud normally be] and Gunner& Jarrett lose 30 points for losing to a single competitor. Roode improves to 21-14-11 with 614 points. Gunner & Jarrett enter theTag Team Rankings with a 0-1-0 record with minus 30 points.