Saturday, November 5, 2011

CMLL RECAP: airdate 11/5/11

     In Women's Division action, unranked Marcela defeated CMLL World Women's Champion Amapola 2 falls to 1 to win the title. Amapola dropped 30 points, Marcela picked up 35 points, plus the 20 point championship bonus, and a 476 bonus points to put her ahead of Amapola. She'll keep these points until she either loses a match other than by dq. or does not wrestle a televised match for one calendar match.
    In a trios match, Okumura, Virus, and Yoshihashi defeated Valiente, Dragon Lee, and Sangre Azteca 2 falls to 1.
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Friday, November 4, 2011


     In Men's Division action, #1.Randy Orton defeated  #26. Cody Rhodes in a street fight. RKO picked up 17 points, Cody lost 1 point. #28.Wade Barrett defeated  #6.Sheamus. Wade earned 25 points plus  419 bonus points  to put him ahead of Sheamus.  He'll keep those points until he either loses a match, other than by dq, or does not wrestle a televised match for 1 calendar month.  Sheamus dropped 14 points and lost his 227 point bonus. #42. Sin Cara defeated unranked Epico by disqualification. Sin Cara picked up 1 point, Epico entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 1 point. World Champion Mark Henry defeated #47. Daniel Bryan by disqualification. Henry picked up a point, Bryan lost a point. #93. Ted DiBiase defeated  #100. Tyson Kidd. Dibiase picked up 3 points, Kidd lost 27 points.
     In a Women's Division match, #9. Alicia Fox defeated #10. Natalya Neidhart. Fox earned 21 points, Natalya lost 9 points.

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      On RING OF HONOR in Men's Division action, #113. Roderick Strong defeated unranked Kyle O'Reilly. Strong picked up 2 points, O'Reilly entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 28 points. #62. Tomasso Ciampo defeated unranked Alex Silva. Ciampo  picked up 2 points, Silva entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 21 points.   In a Tag Team Division match, #17. The Briscoe Brothers defeated #35. The All Night Express. The Briscoes earned 16 points, the Express lost 12 points
     On TNA IMPACT, in Men's Division action, #16 Bobby Roode defeated James Storm to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Roode earned 35 points plus the 20 point championship bonus for a total gain of 55 points. Storm lost 12 points plus his 1,131 bonus points for a total loss of 1,143 points. #77. Jesse Sorenson defeated #31. Austin Aries. Sorenson picked up 16 points plus 182 bonus points, Aries dropped 24 points and lost his 47 bonus points.
     In a Men's Tag Team Division match, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson came of the Inactive List ranked 21st and defeated unranked Bully Ray and Jeff Jarrett by dq. Hardy and Anderson picked up 1 point, Ray and JJ enter the rankings with a 0-1-0 record and minus 1 point.
     In Women's Tag Team Division action, unranked Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated Knockouts Tag Team Champions Ms. Tessmacher and Tara to win the titles. Kim and Rayne picked up 35 points for plus the 20 point championship bonus plus 101 additional bonus points. Tara and Tessmacher lost 30 points.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When a wrestler or team hold their championship for an entire month they will receive bonus points, 20 for a World Championship, 10 for a secondary championship.
     The following wrestlers and teams recieved bonuses:

Mark Henry            World Champ   [9/18/11]
R.J. Brewer            LLUSA Champ [6/18/11]
Davey Richards      ROH Champ   [6/26/11]
Hector Garza         CMLL Champ  [8/12/11]
Averno                   NWA Midwgt Champ [8/12/10]
Austin Aries           TNA X Division Champ   [9/11/11]
Sombra                  NWA Wltrwgt Champ [3/13/11]
Rey Bucennero       NWA LtHvywgt Champ [6/21/11]
Rush                      CMLL LtHvywgt Champ [2/22/11]
Virus                      CMLL Sprltwt Champ  [6/7/11]
Mascara Dorado      CMLL Wltrwgt Champ [6/18/11]
Anarquia & Hernandez                   TNA World Tag Team Champs    [8/18/11]
Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston          WWE Tag Team Champs  [8/22/11]
Jon Rekon & Petey Williams          LLUSA Tag Team Champs [6/18/11]
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin   ROH Tag Team Champs   [4/1/11]
Ms.Tessmacher & Tara    TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champs [7/21/11] 

Polvora                      CMLL Mexican Wltrwgt Champ [7/15/11]
Dolph Ziggler              WWE. US Champ      [6/19/11]
Cody Rhodes             WWE IC Champion   [8/9/11]
Jay Lethal                  ROH TV Champ   [8/13/11]
Eric Young                 TNA TV Champ   [5/17/11]
La Mascara                CMLL Mexican LtHvywgt Champ [10/5/10]

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RAW RECAP 10/31/11

  • World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry defeated 3. CM Punk by dq. Henry picked up a point, Punk lost a point.
  • #2. Eve Torres won an 11 Diva Battle Royal  Royal. Eve earned 38 points. The other women each receive a "No-Decision" on their records but do not lose or gain any points.
  • Unranked Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom. Air Boom dropped 30 points, Cody and Wade picked up 35 points plus 99 bonus points to put them ahead of Kofi and Evan.  They'll keep those points until they either lose a match, other than by dq, or do not wrestle a televised match for 1 calendar month.
  • #21. Big Show defeated WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio lost 13 points plus his 1090 bonus points, Show picked up 35 points plus 211 bonus points.
  • #103. Santino Marella defeated #33. Jack Swagger. Santino earned 16 points plus 624 bonus points, Swagger lost 28 points.
  • #99. Zack Ryder defeated #12. Dolph Ziggler. Zack picked up 20 points plus 994 bonus points, Dolph lost 27 points.
  • #2. John Cena defeated #17. Miz. Cena picked up 19 points, Miz lost 2 points.
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    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    RECAP OF THE WEEK IN WRESTLING 10/23/11-10/29/11

         The BIG JUMP of the week went to Bobby Roode, who jumped from #51 to #15 with his victory over Samoa Joe on Thursday's Impact. [Last week Roode took the biggest drop]. This week's BIGGEST DROP went to Zack Ryder. His loss to Dolph Ziggler at Sunday's WWE pay per veiw dropped him from #30 to #99.

     Booker T may have his "Fave 5", but here are the NAWR's TOP FIVES:

    MOST WINS [among active wrestlers]: 1. C.M. Punk[121], 2.John Cena[105], 3. Randy Orton[101],  4.Rey Mysterio[85], 5. Kofi Kingston[83].

    SMACKDOWN: World Champion Mark Henry, 1. Randy Orton, 2.Sheamus, 3.Christian,  4. Great Khali, 5. Cody Rhodes

    RAW: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio, 1. John Cena, 2. C.M. Punk, 3. HHH, 4. Rey Mysterio, 5. Kofi Kingston

    TNA: World Champion James Storm, 1.Jeff Hardy, 2.Kurt Angle, 3. Crimson, 4.Matt Morgan, 5. A.J. Styles

    ROH: World Champion Davey Richards, 1. Jay Lethal, 2.Mike Bennett 3. El Generico, 4. Eddie Edwards, 5. Tammasso Ciampo,

    LUCHA LIBRE USA: Champion: R.J. Brewer, 1.Petey Williams, 2.Lizmark Jr., 3. Jon Rekon, 4. Marco Corleone.  5. Charley Malice,

       CMLL: World Heavyweight Champion Hector Garza, 1.Atlantis, 2. Ultimo Guerrero, 3. La Sombra,
    4. Averno, 5. Rey Buccenero.
         On a side note, Neither CMLL nor aired in my market this week.

         For more information on the NAWR ranking system, click on "About NAWR" on the top of the page.
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