100 WINS:

NAME:                                   DATE:

1. C.M. Punk                          unknown

2. John Cena                          Defeated Wade Barrett on the 9/6/11 episode of Smackdown.

3. Randy Orton                       October 2011

4. Sheamus                             Defeated Tensai on the 8/3/12 episode of Smackdown.

5. Kane                                   Defeated Kofi Kingston on the 9/14/12 episode of Smackdown.

6. Jeff Hardy                           Defeated Austin Aries to win the TNA World Title at Bound For
                                              Glory on 10/14/12

7. Kofi Kingston                    Defeated Damien Sandow on the 11/23/12 episode of Smackdown.

8. Big Show                            Defeated Kane on the 2/8/13 episode of Smackdown.

9. Mark Henry                         Defeated Ryback on the 8/5/13 episode of Raw.

10. Alberto Del Rio                 Defeated Christian on the 8/23/13 episode of Smackdown.

11. The Miz                             Defeated Fandango at The Night Of Champions on 9/15/13.

12. Dolph Ziggler                     Defeated Curtis Axel on the 11/4/13 episode of Raw

13. Daniel Bryan                       Defeated Kane on the 3/4/14 episode of Main Event.

14. Jack Swagger                    Defeated Titus O'Neil on the 1/8/15 episode of WWE Superstars.

15. Ryback                              Defeated The Miz on the 3/12/15 episode of Smackdown.

16. Kurt Angle                         Defeated Drew Galloway on the 1/12/16 episode of Impact.

17. Stardust/Cody Rhodes      Defeated Zack Ryder on the 2/26/16 episode of WWE Superstars.

18. A.J. Styles                           Defeated Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Chris Jericho in a Fatal 4 Way                                                  Match on the 4/4/16 episode of Raw.

19. R-Truth                             Defeated Fandango on the 4/21/16 episode of Smackdown.

20. Jimmy and Jey Uso          Defeated Fandango and Tyler Breeze on the 5/30/16 episode of Raw.

21. Samoa Joe                          Defeated Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver on 6/8/16

22. Chris Jericho                       Defeated Sami Zayn on the 2/6/17 episode of Raw.

23. Bobby Lashley                     Defeated Moose on the 6/8/17 episode of Impact.

24. Roman Reigns                     Defeated The Miz [DQ] on the 10/2/17 episode of Raw

25. Kevin Owens                       Defeated Shane McMahon at Hell In A Cell on 10/9/17

26. Bobby Roode                       Defeated Baron Corbin on the 12/26/17 episode of Smackdown.

27. Rusev                                   Defeated Kofi Kingston, Jinder Mahal, and Zack Ryder in a Fatal                                                      4 Way Match on the 1/30/18 episode of Smackdown.

28. Seth Rollins                          Defeated MoJo Rawley on the 5/7/18 episode of Raw.

29. Cesaro                                   Defeated Xavier Woods on the 5/8/18 episode of Smackdown.

30. Jay Lethal                              Defeated Kushida at ROH Best In The World on 7/29/18

200 WINS:

1. Sheamus                               Defeated Roman Reigns on the 7/6/15 episode of Raw.

2. Randy Orton                        Defeated Cesaro and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat Match on
                                                 the 8/10/15 episode of Raw.

3. John Cena                             Defeated Luke Gallows on the 7/19/16 episode of Smackdown.

4. Dolph Ziggler                        Defeated Seth Rollins at the 7/15/18 Extreme Rules PPV.


1, Dolph Ziggler                       Lost to Dean Ambrose at The Night Of Champions on 9/15/13

2. Jack Swagger                      Lost to Big Show on the 4/15/14 episode of Main Event.

3. Kofi Kingston                      Lost to Bad News Barrett on the 4/29/14 episode of Main Event.

4. The Miz                                Lost to Roman Reigns on the 8/22/14 episode of Smackdown.

5. Zack Ryder                           Lost to Sheamus [by DQ] on the 4/20/15 episode of Raw.

6. Kane                                    Lost to John Cena on the 4/20/15 episode of Raw.

7. Stardust/Cody Rhodes         Lost to Neville on the 7/16/15 episode of Smackdown.

8. Randy Orton                 Lost to Sheamus at the 8/23/15 SummerSlam.

9. Heath Slater                          Lost to Apollo Crews on the 5/6/16 episode of WWE Superstars.

10. Chris Jericho                         Lost to Roman Reigns on the 1/2/17 episode of Raw.

11. Cesaro                                   Lost to Samoa Joe on the 2/27/17 episode of Raw.              


1. Randy Orton                          Defeated Dolph Ziggler on the 10/21/13 episode of Raw.

2. Dolph Ziggler                         Lost to Seth Rollins on the 10/17/14 episode of Smackdown.

3. Kofi Kingston                        Participated in the 1/25/15 Royal Rumble Match.

4. Sheamus                                Lost to Randy Orton [by DQ] on the 6/1/15 episode of Raw.

5. Jack Swagger                        Lost to Bo Dallas on the 9/18/15 episode of WWE Superstars.

6. John Cena                             Defeated Seth Rollins at the 9/20/15 Night Of Champions

7. Kane                                      Lost to Bray Wyatt on the 1/25/16 episode of Raw.

8. The Miz                                 Defeated Kalisto on the 7/7/16 episode of Smackdown.

9. Alberto Del Rio                     No-Contest vs Carlito on the 1/22/17 episode of WWC                                                                           Superestrellas de Lucha Libre


1. Dolph Ziggler                       Lost to Baron Corbin on the 5/9/16 episode of Raw.

2. Randy Orton                        Participated in the 1/28/18 Royal Rumble Match.

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  1. I Hope Matt Hardy is the second person from TNA to win 100 matches

    1. That would be cool for the Hardy Brothers, but it will probably be Kurt Angle as he has 98 wins as of today.

    2. Kurt Angle is taking a break from wrestling after January.