Sunday, February 7, 2016


In Men's Division action:

#43[IL] Alex Shelley pinned #48[IL] Kazarian earning 17 points. Kaz lost 14 points.

#43 Dalton Castle pinned #223[IL] Joey Daddiego [aka J-Diesel] earning 3 points. Diesel lost 14 points. After the match Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser attacked Castle and The Boys.

Unranked Action Ortiz pinned unranked Leon St. Giovanni in a Top Prospects Tournament Opening Round Match earning 2 points. Giovanni entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 30 points.

  In a Men's Tag Team Division match, #11 Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated ROH World Tag Team Champions Hanson and Rowe by DQ when Rowe put King through a table. The All Night Express picked up 1 point. War Machine lost 1 point. 

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