Monday, January 23, 2017


In Men's Division action:

IWRG Inter-Continental Heavyweight Champion #97 Mr. Electro defeated #128 Pirata Morgan 2 falls to 1 earning 9 points. Morgan lost 19 points. Golden Magic and Pirata Morgan Jr both got involved in the match.

#148 Trauma 1 defeated #129 Mascara Ano 2000 Jr earning 9 points. Ano lost 24 points.

IWRG Inter-Continental Middleweight Champion #56 Impossible defeated #102 Relampago and #223[IL] Apollo Estrada Jr in a Hair Vs Mask Triangulo de la Muerte Match when he forced Estrada to submit. The champ earned 14 points. Relampago and Estrada each received a "No-Decision" on their records but lost no points.
Estrada had his head shaved. 

     In a Men's Trios match, Herodes Jr, Pirata Morgan Jr, and Negro Navarro defeated El Hijo De Dos Caras, Golden Magic, and Dragon Fly 2 falls to 1.

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