Saturday, July 15, 2017


In Men's Division CMLL Universal Championship Tournament Group 2 action:

CMLL Light Heavyweight Champion Niebla Roja and #96 Soberano Jr were the co-winners of an 8 Man Battle Royal. The other participants were: #41[IL] Diamante Azul, #32 Ultimo Guerrero, CMLL World Heavyweight Champion Marco Corleone, CMLL Welterweight Champion Mephisto, #58[IL] Mistico Nueva Era, and #198[IL] Ephesto. Roja and Soberano each earned 43 points. The other wrestlers each received a "No-Decision" on their records but lost no points.


#41 Diamante Azul pinned #198 Ephesto earning 4 points. Ephesto lost 14 points.

#32 Ultimo Guerrero pinned CMLL World Heavyweight Champion Marco Corleone earning 35 points. Corleone lost 13 points.

#58 Mistico Nueva Era defeated CMLL Welterweight Champion Mephisto by submission earning 35 points. Mephisto lost 15 points.

CMLL Light Heavyweight Champion Niebla Roja pinned #96 Soberano Jr earning 12 points. Soberano lost 1 point.


#32 Ultimo Guerrero defeated #41 Diamante Azul by submission earning 17 points. Azul lost 13 points.

CMLL Light Heavyweight Champion Niebla Roja pinned #58 Mistico Nueva Era earning 16 points. Mistico lost 1 point.


#32 Ultimo Guerrero pinned CMLL Light Heavyweight Champion Niebla Roja by pulling his mask off. Guerrero picked up 35 points plus 20 bonus points for winning the round 2 of the tournament. Roja lost 13 points but received 10 points as runner up.

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