Friday, July 7, 2017


In Men's Division Cueto Cup Tournament First Round action:

#225[IL] P.J. Black defeated #140[IL] Sexy Star by DQ when Star used Brass Knucks thrown in the ring by Taya Valkrie. The Dare Wolf picked up 1 point. Star lost 1 point. After the match Star attacked the referee.

#184[IL] Son of Havoc pinned unranked Son of Madness earning 2 points. Madness entered the Rankings with an 0-1-0 record and minus 27 points. After the match Madness attacked Havoc.

#68 Prince Puma pinned #244[IL] Ricky Mandel earning 3 points. Mandel lost 16 points.

#116[IL] Dante Fox pinned #169[IL] Dragon Azteca Jr due to the distraction of Worldwide Underground [Taya Valkrie,  P.J. Black, Ricky Mandel, and Johnny Mundo] attacking Rey Mysterio at ringside. Fox picked up 5 points. Azteca lost 21 points.

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